Activities and surroundings




Of course Noordwijk is known for its beautiful dunes and the beach. But besides that there is still more to do in the area, think for example a visit to Space Expo; Where space travel comes to life!



Cultural activities

In Noordwijk and surroundings There are several cultural activities to undertake. The museum of England, Noordwijk’s museum, an inner dune museum farm and the Katwijk museum are recommended. Museum Englandvaarders is located on the forest road. The museum is dedicated to the Sailing of England: the crossing of occupied Netherlands to England during the Second World War. The Katwijks Museum is located in the centre of the old fishing village and has a collection of paintings by foreign and Dutch painters who were attracted by the artists ‘ colony Katwijk. From Noordwijk you are in 20 minutes in Leiden. Leiden is known for its many museums. Here a culture enthusiast can also indulge his heart. Nice tip: the Naturalis. Here young and old immerse themselves in the wondrous world called nature. Recently the Naturalis has been completely renovated and renewed. Discover the new exhibition halls before the best of nature.

Golden Tulip Noordwijk Beach


Fresh air

Blowing in the region

The Hotel Golden Tulip Noordwijk Beach is located on the Boulevard and the beach of Noordwijk. Within 1 minute you stand on the beach and you can enjoy the sun in spring and summer or take a beach walk in the autumn/winter to blow out. From Noordwijk you can walk through the beach and the dunes to Katwijk. A nice route of about 10 km. It is also possible to catch the bike and explore Noordwijk and its surroundings by bike. We also offer the possibility to rent bikes in our hotel. Our reception is happy to tell you more about the different possibilities.

Noordwijk is also known for its Dog Paradise, which is a unique destination to blow out with your dog! There are several walking routes which are ‘ dog friendly ‘. This is very unique in the Netherlands. Dogs are also welcome at Golden Tulip Noordwijk Beach for a surcharge of €20 per night.


Especially in Noordwijk

In Noordwijk and its surroundings there are unique activities to undertake. You’ll be at Space Expo within 10 minutes. Space Expo is the space exhibition where you can make a discovery tour through the universe. It is possible, among other things, to touch a real meteorite, launch a hydrogen rocket or jump on the moon; A real experience! When you visit Space Expo you will get answers to questions like how gravity works, what is a black hole, what function have satellites, how to sleep, eat and live an astronaut and to which space missions is now being worked on.

Are you going for something more activity? Then its Jumpin’ Noordwijk and the Surf school recommendations. Jumpin’ Noordwijk is a large indoor trampoline park. The Surf school is the water Sports centre of Noordwijk where you can learn various water sports.


Surroundings Leiden

Outings nearby

The most visited Dutch Musical soldier of Oranje, based on the true story of the Dutch resistance fighter, can now still be seen in the theatre hanger Valkenburg in Katwijk! Only a 10-minute drive from Golden Tulip Noordwijk Beach. Don’t miss it!

Every spring the Keukenhof is open and there are more than 7 million bulbs in bloom. This is a real tourist attraction. From our hotel The Keukenhof is a great place to visit.

Would you like to stay with children in our hotel? Then that’s not a problem. We have family rooms where you can stay with two adults and two children. In the vicinity of Noordwijk there are several outings for children to undertake. The Panbos and Linneaushof are recommended. The largest playground in Europe.

Popular cities

The two popular cities around Leiden are Amsterdam & Delft. Two totally different cities, but for lovers of culture both real touches! Delft is known for its historic Old town, its canals and of course the world-famous ‘ Delftware ‘. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is known for being a free city, where everyone is welcome.