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Molen de Valk in Leiden

Surroundings Leiden

Leiden is the museum city of the Netherlands and therefore has 12 different museums. There will be no lack of cultural activities in this city! Some of these are known as Naturalis, Corpus, Museum de Lakenhal and Museum Volkenkunde. All of them are worth the piece by piece to visit. Golden Tulip & Tulip Inn Leiden Centre also offers a special Museum package, which includes a museum card. Quickly discover what Leiden and its surroundings have to offer.


Surroundings Zoetermeer

The Hotel Golden Tulip Zoetermeer – The Hague is in a nice location to take a break from the region. Scheveningen is about 20 minutes ‘ drive away; The promenade with shops and the Long Beach are ideal for relaxing. When you go to the left you will reach Kijkduin. When you decide to go right, there are the beautiful towns of Wassenaar, Katwijk and Noordwijk. All great touches for beach lovers. If you prefer to stay close, but enjoy the water, the Zoetermeerse strand Noord-Aa or the rottermeren are among the possibilities. Click below to find out how much fun Zoetermeer is!

Strand Noordwijk sfeerfoto

In Noordwijk and surroundings There are several cultural activities to undertake. Attractions include the Noordwijks Museum, an binnenduins museum farm and the Katwijks Museum. The Katwijks Museum is located in the centre of the old fishing village and has a collection of paintings by foreign and Dutch painters who were attracted by the artists ‘ colony Katwijk. From Noordwijk you are in 20 minutes in Leiden. Leiden is known for its many museums. Here a culture enthusiast can also indulge his heart. Nice tip: the Naturalis. Here young and old immerse themselves in the wondrous world called nature. Recently the Naturalis has been completely renovated and renewed. Discover the new exhibition halls before the best of nature.