Green Key Golden Green Hotels

Getting away from it all. Enjoying fellowship, another good chat, no rush and breathtaking scenery to explore. At Golden Green Hotels, we do everything we can to make your stay a success, and at the same time we try to minimize our impact on nature and the environment. We achieve a big effect with small measures, without sacrificing your comfort. For this, we have received the Green Key certificate.

Green Key is a well-known international seal of approval for sustainable businesses in the hotel and recreation industry. You can see from this seal of approval that we do everything we can to minimize the pressure of our business on nature and the environment. In doing so, we go just a step further than normal laws and regulations require. The certificate has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The more environmental measures a hotel has implemented, the higher its “environmentally friendly” level.

The Green Key, the hallmark for environmentally friendly businesses in the tourism and recreation industry, is increasingly the symbol by which quality businesses can be recognized. All of our hotels, Golden Tulip Leiden Centre and Tulip Inn Leiden Centre have all once again achieved the “Golden” Green Key! In doing so, we proudly demonstrate that corporate responsibility is our top priority.

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All Golden Green Hotels are located near Leiden Central Station. It is possible to park at the hotel. To do so, set your navigation to Anthony Fokkerweg. The parking fee is €17.50 per night.